Since we golf, might as well figure it out while we are at it.
The contents of this site are the result of talking with a lot of people, visiting many teachers,
trying many things, reading numerous books and articles, and plenty of analytical experiments.

Shan is an under-gifted golfer with a strong technology background who refuses to believe that
one couldn't find scientific explanations to what happens in golf.

Jim Rue is a golf professional with over 25 years of experience as a teacher and player.  He
owns the "Jim Rue Academy" in Caracas, Venezuela.  Prior to his move to Dayton, Ohio he
served as the Director of Instruction for the Banco Mercantil Golf Camp for Champions in El
Junkito, Venezuela.  He can be reached in the US at 937-287-8715.
About Us
  • Brad Smith, the Golf Club at Yankee Trace, OH. 937-776-0966,
  • Mark Moore, Hank Haney Golf Academy, TX
  • Chuck Quinton, the Rotary Swing, FL
  • Paul Barnsley, Meadowland Country Club, PA
  • Joseph Laurentino, “The Negotiable Golf Swing”, Northport, NY
  • Paul Gorman, Jim Hardy Golf, CA

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